an international art project on the move
Galerie VOSS, Gerberstrasse, 44135 Dortmund (Germany)

Opening Saturday the 16st of July 2011 at 5pm.

Participating artists:
  • Horst Linn (D), Jobst Tilmann (D), Elly Valk-Verheijen (D), Siddhartha Das (IND)
  • Suresh Jayaram (IND), Sofie Haesaerts (BE), Ravi Shah (IND), Uday Shanbhag (IND)
  • Chinnan Vinod (IND), Nguyen Thanh Truc (VNM), Truong Cong Tung (VNM)
  • Vo Thi Tran Chau (VNM), Philip Willem Badenhorst (ZA)
  • Christina Bryer (ZA), JP Meyer (ZA), Lyn Smuts (ZA)
  • Ras Agon (TZA), Yves Goscinny (BE/TZA), Gadi S. Ramadhani (TZA)
  • Behailu Bezabih (ETH), Bekele Mekonnen (ETH), Eshetu Tiruneh (ETH)
  • Bisrat Shibabaw (ETH), Nuru Abegaz (ETH), Frank JMA Castelyns (BE)
  • Willo Gonnissen (BE), Pierre Mertens (BE), Mulugeta Tafesse (ETH/BE)
Curator: Anne Voss

Visiting hours:
16 July 2011 - 3 September 2011
Open on Friday and Sunday from 3pm to 6pm or by appointment